Why Use a Coach?

COACHING is a Professional Service and works for three reasons:
First, Coaching is having someone who's there for you, someone who understands the creative and achievement process and knows when to pull, when to push, and when to shut up.  It’s having someone who is on your side, someone who helps you to focus on your strengths.

Second, Coaching works because you're connecting weekly.  Having that consistent structure provides a supportive framework for whatever you are working on.  With a Coach, you tend to have a tighter focus, generate more commitment, and, to be blunt, take the actions you know are needed to reach your goals.

Third, Coaching works because you focus on you, not just the goal.  We say there are two parts to sustainable success - the “Who” (you) and the “What” (the goal).  To work exclusively on the goal (the What) can make you one-dimensional, limiting your opportunity to develop and evolve, which is key to long-term fulfillment.

People come to a Coach because they want to work on practical things like attracting more clients, working smarter rather than harder, developing marketing strategies for their business, and reducing stress in all its forms.  A coach can also assist you in prioritizing activities, integrating a disjointed life, getting more done during the day without rushing, and having more fun in life!

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