How it Works
COMMUNICATION:  Our Coaching is done via the phone.  We contact you for your coaching sessions on an appointed day and time.  You also have email and fax support.  Over the years, we have used this method and found it to be very successful.

DISCOVERY:  Each coaching program starts with a Personal Assessment Profile.  A coach can’t start working with a client without understanding where it is that the client wants to go.  Our goal is to challenge our clients' boundaries and to help them expand their horizons.

SESSIONS:  We work on a retainer basis.  This means that when a client retains us, we are available for not only our weekly scheduled sessions, but also during the week via e-mail or faxes.  The retainer for individuals having three sessions per month is $330 and $450 for corporate clients.  We request a minimum of a 90-day commitment for coaching.

IS IT WORTH IT?  For three months of one-on-one, three-times-a-month coaching, the investment is $999.  As a rule, our clients increase their effectiveness by at least 50% and/or increase their income by 15% to 20%!

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